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"Let EdgePoint Contracting plan, develop
and manage your project, so you don't have to!"

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Edge Point is a commercial and residential general contractor that services the DC metro area. With over 15 years of experience, our team prides itself on exceeding customer expectations in planning, developing, and managing your construction project. 

Edge Point Contracting, Inc also provides a monetary recovery service.  Edge Point Contracting, Inc conducts nationwide audits of local and federal agencies for refundable credit balances due to companies and individuals.

Planning and Development:

All projects require careful planning and development regardless of size. During our preconstruction phase, we will define the scope of work involved in your project, develop a budget for your project, and develop a project schedule. Planning will allow us to determine long lead items, complexity of the project, and project duration. Planning and development properly helps eliminate cost overruns and project delays. This process will help ensure a smooth transition into your newly, renovated space.


Time is money. To successfully complete a project on time and within budget, it takes a experienced constructing management team who understands building requirements and code regulations. As your single point of contact for the project, our management team will carefully monitor and mange your budget, schedule, onsite trades, and all necessary inspections to achieve project completion.

Asset Recovery Services

Edge Point Contracting, Inc. also offers an asset recovery service. Over many years of general contracting experience, we have found that monies are owed for a variety of reasons within local and federal government agencies. Some monies are refundable for reasons such as overpayments on real estate transactions, clerical errors, purchasing of real estate, land development, construction, and most commonly, a change of address. Many monies posted within government agencies are thought of as a cost of doing business when in reality these payments are refundable.

If you have received an offer of service and have questions, please contact our office for further information. Edge Point can be reached via email at info@edgepointgc.com.